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hager reports stepped-up patrols led to their capture. >> reporter: within site of penn station the victim told police a young boy asked him if he had change for a $5 bill. his refusal set the stage for the attack across the street from the university of balm's langsdale library. >> the suspect pulled out a knife, stabbed him. the victim sustained a collapsed lung as an injury. he was able to flag down a university of baltimore police officer who in turn contacted baltimore police. >> reporter: officers located three suspects. 16-year-old deshay wilson, 14-year-olds keith anderson and lawrence horton a few blocks away. they also recovered the knife used to stab the unidentified 37-year-old victim in the back. a month ago this man who refused to give us his name claims a group of teens also approached him. in the same neighborhood. >> i was on my way home. one kid asked me -- (
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indiscernible ) -- two more walked up. >> reporter: he claims one teen raised their arm as if to strike him. >> ( indiscernible ) -- put his hand up. i told him not to do it. >> reporter: the latest stabbing happened in the middle of the afternoon. >> there's a lot of college people around here. i don't know why that would happen. >> i wouldn't have walked down here if i had known that. >> reporter: police stepped up patrols surrounding penn station a after the fatal stabbing of a johns hopkins researcher in july. >> it's frustrating for police especially in this area where you have increased patrols, you have cameras, the university of baltimore police, the university of maryland police, the baltimore police. there are plenty of resources in that area. and the fact that young men and women resort to violence for petty issues, really petty
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issues, is very frustrating an concerning for law enforcement. >> reporter: in midtown, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> police say the three teens face charges of first degree and second degree attempted murder. the victim was treated and released from a local hospital. the manhunt is over for a montgomery county man who police say tried to kill his ex-girlfriend. police say the 32-year-old joshua principle surrendered to pennsylvania authorities this afternoon. it started at an apartment complex afte 7:00 this morning in north bethesda. police say he shot at her with a high-powered rifle, missed and fled the area. authorities closed down roads and locked down schools during that part of the search. the residents of the avalon apartment complex were shocked by the scene. >> i got home this morning from dropping my husband and son off at school and work. there were cops vowning the building with shot guns and vests and everything. >> again, prince is now in custody after a daylong
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manhunt. a restraining order was filed against him by his ex-girlfriend last week. a man selling newspapers in baltimore city street corners seems to have escaped serious injury after he was hit by a car. police say around 0:00 this morning the auto theft task force was following a lead in baltimore. 10:00. police have not released the names of the suspect or the victim in this case. the man shot by baltimore county police remains in critical but stable condition this evening. the suspect's name still not released. police say he tried to grab an officer's gun, that is when he was shot. it happened monday after police responded to hanes point square shopping center for a call of a man acting suspiciously. both officers on routine administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. in anne arundel county, a
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they have scheme busted. a man apparently made deliveries to the underarmor corporation. police say charles gordon price was a courier for airfreight plus. police say he will remove underarmor merchandise from freight while making deliveries for the company. detectives got a warrant to oich his home and found -- search his home and found $20,000 in merchandise. he may have stolen as much as $50,000 over a two-year period. police in glen burnie say two men were trying to take up with thousands of dollars in wire. the spool of wire belong to bge. an officer on patrol noticed two men standing near a truck and determined the men were trying to load the spool into their truck. the member -- men were charged with felony theft. an odor of gas resulted in the evacuation of a baltimore county school. it could be smelled in st. clement mary hofbauer's school
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in the 1,200 block of chesaco avenue in rosedale. the school was evacuated as a precaution. 250 students were moved to a church neck door. firefighters are still investigating the source of the odor. a nice day to head back to work and school after the holiday weekend. a lot hotter today but the humidity stayed low so didn't feel too bad but most standards -- by most standards. 91 at the inner harbor now. we've cooled off a little. 83 annapolis. one thing you'll notice with the september days, even when we get hot in the afternoon it cools off sharply in the evenings. very little humidity, blue skies over just about the entire state right now. a couple of clouds creeping in to western pennsylvania. early look at the hour by hour forecast. tomorrow mid-80s by lunchtime. then cooler and much windier weather on tap as we go from the afternoon into the evening. that will be the leading edge of some fall air. we'll have the answers on how
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cool it gets coming up. if you've been a little unhappy driving around the state's roads this year, you're not alone. in fact, a nonprofit group has ranked maryland roads as some of the worst in the country. but the state is putting a speed bump in that claim calling the survey way off base. roosevelt leftwich has more. >> maryland ranked near the bottom when it comes to maintaining roads, fatalities, congestion, according to the foundation's ranking of the nation's roadways, but the state says the foundation is following too narrow a road for this study. when you hit a bump, and in some cases a crater in the middle of road, it can really tick you off. >> i've been outside the united states and i have driven on roads and other places, florida, north carolina, dirt roads and none of them have the potholes that baltimore has. >> reporter: then there's this.
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construction. the curse of the orange barrels. summertime is the only time that many projects can get done making congestion worse and people feel they can't get where they are going without getting flat-out stuck. >> everywhere we were there was a lot of construction. >> was it just maintenance or bumpy roads? >> they were doing some type of construction. it was traffic. backed up. it was bad. >> reporter: the l.a.-based foundation's 1th annual survey ranked maryland as one of the worst highway problems in the nation. citing the amount of money spent on maintaining fatalities. the foundation says maryland doesn't spend the money efficiently. but some say it's not a true measure of the state's roads. >> state highways, the one with numbers or enter states, u.s. and maryland
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routes, we have 20% of the road mileage but carry 70% of the track. in maryland people travel about 58 billion miles a year. >> reporter: they say they've made great strides in repairing roads. by more than a third and still working on others. she says studies like this need to take into account that maryland is not montana and being in the middle of the nation's busiest populated consider door in the country -- corridor in the country. >> maryland taxpayers should know their money is being invested in their system to keep it in good shape and to keep it safe. >> reporter: also at the bottom of the foundation list, new york state, new jersey, california and alaska. at the top of the list, montana, north dakota, kansas and south carolina. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> thank you. first responders hit the pavement for an early morning
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run. it's part of a tour of duty. they are headed to washington, dc. they took to the road in early august from california to commemorate september 11th and those who lost their lives. the team hopes to arrive in new york city on saturday for the ninth anniversary of the september 11th attacks. the team has broken up into three groups. each group runs for six hours and recovers for 12. it's all in an effort to honor their fellow brothers and sisters who lost their lives on september 11th. and the president will mark the ninth anniversary of september 11th at the pentagon. vice president joe biden will go to new york on september 11th and first lady michelle obama and former first lady laura bush will be together in pennsylvania at the site of the crash of united flight 93. battling substance abuse is never easy. especially on your own. today the department of hell and mental hijack -- health and mental hygiene kicked off its recovery month. it's a chance for health
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officials to bring awareness to the depth of substance abuse and the steps that can be taken to recovery. in addition to the number of programs that the state offers to those battling with addiction. >> maryland's treatment outcomes are more positive than those of surrounding states and the rest of the nation. while our challenges are greater, our results are as good or better. that is something to be very proud of. >> according to the state 8% of marylanders are dependent on abuse of alcohol or ill lift drugs -- illicit drugs. while the fight against binge drinking is on in frostburg. this time the landlords are joining in. tenants are getting a brochure on the dangers of binge drinking. the university formed an alcohol task force. a balm raven goes back to
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-- a baltimore raven goes back to school. ray lewis helps students start the school year off right. listen up, ladies, the man in your life may not have a good excuse for forgetting birthday or anniversary or that gallon of milk of the grocery. we'll explain. >> 1 at -- 1 at bwi marshall. 91. more coming up. ♪
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baltimore city student are starting the school year off right thank to some help from ravens linebacker ray lewis. he's teamed up with city council president jack young to hand out school supplies to about 200 elementary school students. it's official, wide receiver tj is now a balm raven. team officials made the announcement today. he says it was a little strange putting on the raven helmet for the first time but is looking forward to playing with the team. >> this team had a great shot. it's only five or six teams every year that have a legitimate shot to win the super bowl. that the just what people think -- that's just what people think but you still have to go do it. and this is one of the teams even if i wasn't here had a shot and so for me to come here and them to accept me and want me on the team, you know, i'm just going to try to do my part. that's it. >> the seattle seahawks cut houshmandzadeh last week. he spent his first eight nfl seasons with the cincinnati
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bengals. >> 's he and each ochob sink yes used have that time there. he's with the raven now. we're talking with a hot day relatively to accept. tomorrow, winds of change, fall air coming back. back and forth for another few weeks. something for everyone. we have sunny skies over the harbor. good-looking day of weather visually. clear skies now. 89. temperatures cool off rapidly in this part of september as that sun gets low in the sky. sunset earlier an earlier. before 7:30 now actually. humidity at 35 per. barometer 30 upon 01 an holing
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steady. high pressure, beautiful blue skies, from our weathernet camera in mount airy today. you can see the wind blowing some of the trees around a little bit there. just a fantastic-looking day. let's take you to middletown. frederick county. you talk about a beautiful day in the oneside. fantastic weather. just a little hot but humidity was not a factor today. some of the highs on the map here, neighborhood by neighborhood we go. edgemere 88. northeast to 88 as well but most spots to 90 or hotter. baltimore, hereford, psyches -- sykesville all at 90 or for today. it get hot down towards dc. upper 80s statewide to low 90s. still 90 at pax river. 91 hagerstown. a little cooler out here in far western meryl. that is going to be the trend. cooler air on the march now. humidity so low. i mean even when you get to 90 this time of year just done
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fell that bad, with no humidity in the air, no moisture. clear skies across the state. one downside of that very dry air in place, yeah, feels good with the sunshine today but we really could use some rain, in fact we've got a fire watch up in the national weather service for most of the state tomorrow. windy and extremely dry conditions. this front, though generating showers and thunderstorms out towards ohio and back through western kentucky it just looks like the air ahead of it is too dry, will lose its punch and as it comes through tomorrow we think it comes through dry producing little if any rain. so it looks like winds will pick up, temperatures will drop but probably we won't get many showers out of this front. timing-wise, the leading edge on the forecast model, 8: 00, 9:00 tomorrow morning. the cooler air will arrive behind the front by several hours. by tomorrow night, step out the door and you'll feel the change. certainly into thursday morning. you'll feel dramatically cooler. looks like a mix of clouds an
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sunshine thursday. again, just looks like it's going to stay dry. as we go further south, we're still welcome back the tropical peak of the hurricane storm and tropical storm hermine. unusual it made landfall in texas last night. now centered up in the lone star state and still a tropical storm. still gusty winds and flooding rains falling there. we wish we could get some rain here but we'll skip the rains and tropical storm. overnight 67. a few clouds. warm south breeze. tomorrow we're talking about a warm day. i think several degrees cooler though and again this is toward midday. late in the afternoon. it's going to be cooling off. tomorrow night much cooler. 55 degrees. check out your 7-day forecast. again, the trend here is for a much cooler air. thursday, again on friday. next chance for much-needed rain probably not until sunday. >> thank you. coming up tonight at 11:00 -- does it feel like every time you board a plane or sit down
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to eat at a restaurant there's always a child screaming in your ear. one restaurant has had enough. it's taking drastic steps and says the move has been good for business. plus, what is so dangerous about a stuffed pony? hear why the bomb squad was call in and the school put on lockdown. at 11:00. an update on a story we first told but last month. friends of a local ninth grader battling leukemia asked for your help with the join for joe bone marrow drive. a donor has been found for joe gorman but they still need help to cover the medical costs. every tuesday and wednesday night is join for joe night at local chilly's restaurants. present the join for joe flyer when you order and the restaurant will donate 20% to his fund. you can find the flyer on-line at tonight, a study by
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"consumer reports" warns of metals in toys, particularly cadmium. it's in place of lead but still showing up in high levels in many items and retailers have had to do recalls. >> the problems here is that young children in particular have a tendency to put jewelry in their mouth. a necklace, a pendant, they may suck on it. well, that can have a toxic reaction to children. you want to avoid exposure as much possible. >> cadmium has been around for years in batteries an paints but since tougher lead restrictions were put in place it's been found in more toys and children's products. the consumer product safety commission is working on restrictions now for cadmium. ladies, the men in your lives may have a medical excuse on why they can't remember important things like the day you met, birthdays, anniversary. scientists now say it may be because of the male brain. a new study from the mayo clinic finds that mild cognitive impairment or mci may
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effect men more than women. it's a memory condition that happens even before the normal aging process that leads to dementia. the study found mci was 1.5 time higher in guys than gals. researchers suggest these results show gender may play a role in this disease but they are not exactly sure how. i think a man may have done that study. downtown baltimore there. closing numbers after break. mshore every night only takesn
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an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it
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neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress.
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stocks closing lower following new worries about europe's debt problems. dow jones down 107. the nasdaq down almost 25 and the s&p 500 down 12. wow. not good news. temperature have been going up. just the opposite direction. we're still 91 out there now. warm evening on the way. no doubt about it. but enof the day tomorrow -- end of the day tomorrow, windy and much cooler tomorrow night. big changes. >> we're back at 11:00. thank you for joining us.
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